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 Flexport 飞协博每月发布关于全球经济、贸易和航运市场的趋势和最新事件,让您掌握各种情报,作出更明智的供应链决策。 立即订阅
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Where Everyone Has a Place to Thrive

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83 Openings

Build the operating system that’s modernizing the logistics industry and changing the world of global trade.

19 Openings

Envision and execute new product features, collaborating across teams to develop technology that’s functional for all our users.

8 Openings

Create an intuitive and optimized experience for the users of the OS of global trade and shape product development.

34 Openings

Connect companies with the Operating System for Global Trade and provide solutions for their supply chain needs.

37 Openings

Manage international trade from origin to destination, and solve complex logistics problems along the way.

10 Openings

Track and analyze the information we need to make data-informed decisions and improvements to our technology and services.

14 Openings

Create the content, campaigns, and conversations that share the value of Flexport’s technology, infrastructure and expertise.

16 Openings

Establish and run the processes that set Flexport up for long-term financial success and growth.

0 Openings

Ensure Flexport continues to operate in compliance with all relevant regulatory obligations and help the team prepare to scale as we expand internationally.

2 Openings

Advise Flexport’s teams on the fine print and ensure our services meet and exceed legal standards.

18 Openings

Create a workplace where employees are supported and can be themselves, and help Flexport teams grow and learn.

2 Openings

Build and maintain an environment that makes it possible for Flexport employees to do their best work.

21 Openings

Develop Flexport’s unique services and provide expertise in air, ocean, trucking, warehousing, and pricing.

1 Openings

Facilitate global aid shipments, power our carbon offset program, and find creative ways to support our clients’ environmental and social missions.

63 Openings

Enable clients to mitigate risk and unlock efficiency with our customs advisory, cargo insurance, and trade finance services.

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Inside Flexport

Get to Know Flexport Engineering: Bookings Team

Quintin Leong, a software engineer on the bookings team at Flexport, shares why he joined Flexport, what his team’s mission is, and why it matters.

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