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What Should I Do If My Quote Has Expired?

If your Flexport quote has expired, you can click the "Request New Quotes" button in order to access updated rates.

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Coronavirus Update: Supply Chain and Economic Updates

If your quote has expired, you won’t be able to book that shipment until after we have re-quoted it for you. You’ll see a highlighted note on your quote request, and the quote’s expiration date will be listed in the Action column:

If you need to see an updated rate, or if you’re ready to book a shipment, you can either:

  • Click the Request New Quotes button, or
  • Send a message to your dedicated account management team

Either way, your Flexport team will be happy to re-quote the shipment for you. (Click here to access your outstanding quote requests.)

If there is any new information you need to share -- such as an updated cargo ready date -- please specify that as well.

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