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How Can I Run a Report Breaking Out Individual Line Items?

Every Flexport invoice lists each individual line item for a given shipment, and you can also run a report to see all line items for all invoices.

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Each Flexport invoice lists all applicable line items for an individual shipment, but if you’d like to break these out in a larger context, there are a few options within the Reports tab.


After clicking on Reports, choose Data. The default view is the Basic Shipment Report. Click on that drop-down to select Billing Report. Then scroll to the right -- you’ll find line items listed individually in four categories: Customs, Destination, Origin, and Additional Line Items.

If you’d like to view this data in a spreadsheet, click the Download button at the top right. The spreadsheet will list each line item as a separate column.

You may also add these line items to your custom reports.


For a graphical representation of individual line items, click Reports and then select Analytics. Select Invoices, and adjust Time Series, Data Set, and Dated by as necessary. Change the Segregated by drop-down menu to Line Item.

Note: There is a key at the right which maps each color in the graph to its corresponding line item.

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