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How Can I Bulk-Upload Locations to My Network?

Upload several contacts and locations to your Flexport network at one time, using this spreadsheet.



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If you’d like to add companies and/or locations to your Network, you can do so in one of two ways. 

To add companies or locations one at a time: From your Network tab, go to My Network and create a new company or location.  

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Fill in as many fields as you can, especially the contact information.

If you have several to add, you can upload a spreadsheet of your locations and contacts by following these instructions:

1. Download the spreadsheet.

Go to the Network tab and My Organization and click the "..." underneath your company name. Click Download Network Companies CSV or Download Network Locations CSV, whichever applies.

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If you have any existing Network information (companies or locations you work with), these will be listed in the spreadsheet. You can keep adding new rows below these or make changes to any of the existing data, if you wish. 

If you do not have any existing Network information in the app, the spreadsheet will be blank. 

2. Add your Network information to the spreadsheet.

Every row contains the data for a single location, including the following information (required fields are marked with an asterisk):

  • Company Name*: The company associated with that location, e.g. Vandelay Industries
  • Location Name*: Your name for that location, e.g. Los Angeles Warehouse
  • Street Address*, City*, State*, Postal Code*: The address for this location (which may be different from the company’s address). If it’s a non-US location, state and postal code may not be required.
  • Country Code*: Two-digit code (e.g. US for United States; CN for China) 
  • Needs Appointment*: Yes if this location requires appointments; No if not
  • Has Loading Dock*: Yes if this location has a loading dock; No if not
  • Needs Help Unloading*: Yes if this location will require the driver’s help to unload; No if not
  • Residential*: Yes if this location is a residential address; No if not
  • Delivery Note: If applicable, any additional information about this location

You can leave the following four fields as they are (they’ll be populated in the spreadsheet for existing locations; you can leave them blank if you’re adding additional locations):

  • Location_ref
  • New_location_ref
  • Company_ref
  • New_company_ref

3. Save your changes. 

After completing the changes to your spreadsheet, be sure to save.

4. Upload the spreadsheet.

Click the "..." button, then choose Upload Network Companies CSV or Upload Network Locations CSV

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If any required fields are blank, you will see an error message. Otherwise, the system will begin processing the spreadsheet, and you'll see this message:

markdown image

**5. Check your email or in-app notifications. **

You'll be notified when your spreadsheet has finished processing; at that point, you should see all of your new entries in your Network. 

If the system encounters an error while importing your Network spreadsheet, you'll receive an email with a detailed error message. From there, you can update your spreadsheet to resolve these errors, save, and then upload the spreadsheet again.

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