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Flexport App User Guide: The Products Tab

How to track data about your products using the Flexport app.


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Structured data about your goods is available in the Products tab.

If you have a spreadsheet with all of your product information, and you’d like to upload it into the Flexport app, let us know -- we’re happy to help with that.

Otherwise, you can add product information by clicking the Add Product button. The more information you add, the more powerful your data and analytics will be.

The Add Product button will prompt you for an HS code. Products imported into the U.S. will require an HTS code. Note that your Chinese supplier may provide you with an HTS code, but they will provide the Chinese variation of an HTS code. You will need to determine the U.S. HTS code. To determine your product's HTS code, see How Do I Know the HTS Code of My Product?

You can click on each individual product in the list to see more detailed information about the product, including SKUs in transit and analytics:

Click here to go to your Products tab.

Also in this guide:

  • Dashboard -- See an overview of active shipments
  • Shipments -- Check on the status of a shipment, or send a message to your Flexport team
  • Quotes -- Request a quote for an upcoming shipment, or review a quote we've prepared for you
  • Products -- View information about the products you've shipped with Flexport
  • Network -- View or export information about your suppliers, warehouses, etc.
  • Billing -- Pay or review invoices
  • Reports -- See raw data and visual analytics to help evaluate your supply chain
  • Help -- Search or browse resources related to importing, shipping, and using the app
  • Settings -- Add users or adjust notification settings

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