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Duty Increases on Select Steel and Aluminum Products, March 2018

Products impacted by the steel and aluminum tariffs implemented by the Trump administration, and which countries are affected.


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On March 23, 2018, CBP implemented duty increases on certain steel and aluminum products imported into the United States. The tariff increase is set at 25 percent for selected steel products, and 10 percent for selected aluminum products.

Which products are affected by the new steel and aluminum tariffs?

The specific products, as identified by their 6-digit HS codes, are laid out in reports released by the Department of Commerce. The aluminum report is available in full here, with impacted HS codes listed beginning on page 20. The steel report is available in full here, with affected HS codes beginning on page 21.

Most of the affected products are heavy-duty or semi-finished aluminum or steel components, including bars, plates, pipes and tubes, and coil -- not finished products.

Do the new tariffs apply to steel and aluminum products from all countries?

On March 22, 2018, the Trump administration announced temporary exemptions for aluminum and steel products imported into the US from the European Union, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, and South Korea.

It’s not known if or when these exemptions might be revoked.

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