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Supplier FAQs: Where Do I Submit Shipping Documents?

If you're a supplier using the Flexport platform, you will be asked to submit shipping documents through the platform.


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*This article applies to select suppliers booking shipments*

When a shipping order has been released, you may receive an email notifying you of its release and asking you to complete your shipping documents.

To do so, click the “Complete Online” button that will take you to the Flexport app, where you will see a list of documents to be uploaded and when they need to be uploaded by in order to keep the shipment on time.

Flexport will ask for the following to be completed:

  • Data entry for shipping instructions
  • Upload the ISF (Importer Security Filing) form
  • Upload the VGM (Verified Gross Mass) form
  • Upload a CI (Commercial Invoice) and PL (Packing List)

Submitting your shipment documents via the app instead of email will help ensure that the necessary shipping documents are submitted on time so Flexport can efficiently move your shipment.

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