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How Are Messages Sent and Received Within the Flexport App?

Details about how to read, send, and organize messages within the Flexport app.


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General messages

When you send a message within the app, it will always be seen by your dedicated Flexport team (they’ll receive an immediate notification).

In addition, the message will be seen by anyone on your team who subscribes to the shipment. (Read more about how to subscribe to individual shipments here.)

Replying to messages

The same is true when you reply to a message within the app (e.g., when you reply to a message sent by a member of your Flexport team): Your reply will be sent to your dedicated Flexport team as well as anyone at your company who subscribes to the shipment.

Messaging specific people

You can use the @ tag to ensure that your message will be seen by a specific individual at Flexport or at your company. When composing the message, type “@” and then select the appropriate person, as shown below:

How messages are sent

Messages may be displayed within the app and/or sent to you via email, depending on how you have configured your notification settings.

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