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Jump-Start Your Peak Planning

Complete and submit your plans for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the December Holidays to our team by September 15, 2023. We’ll use this information to align to your expectations and make sure that we’re able to provide ample support throughout the busy season.

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Flexport’s Fulfillment Fees Won’t Include Surcharges During the 2023 Peak Season

Learn why Flexport is foregoing surcharges on top of standard order fulfillment fees this peak season and how you can take advantage of our competitive shipping rates.

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Inventory Removal Deadlines and Fulfillment Storage Fees

Make space for prime peak season inventory. Prepare for changes to Flexport's inventory removal service, and learn about additional fees if your inventory remains at one of our fulfillment warehouses.

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2023 Peak Inbound Deadlines Hero

Inbounding Deadlines and Fulfillment Service Updates

Ensure your inventory is available in the Flexport network for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the December holidays. Learn about this year’s inbounding deadlines and important service updates to plan for.

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Adjustments to Claims Windows

With a higher volume of orders comes increased risk for damages and lost orders. Understand the proper steps to take within our updated claims window if there are issues with a customer's shipment.

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A Better Way to Finance Your Peak Season

Maintaining sufficient inventory throughout peak season can strain your working capital and cash flow. Flexport Capital offers financing to extend payments for inventory purchases by 120 days (that's well past Black Friday and Cyber Monday). Retain cash in your business and maximize earnings in Q4.

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Peak Shipping Surcharges for Major Carriers HERO

The Complete List of 2023 Holiday Shipping Surcharges From Parcel Carriers

As you finalize your fulfillment and shipping strategies—including forecasting costs and selecting carriers—it’s important to factor in holiday shipping surcharges. Check out our blog to learn more about what holiday shipping surcharges are, what fees you can expect from top parcel carriers, and how you can avoid costly fulfillment fees altogether with Flexport.

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Holiday Shipping Deadlines 2023_HERO

Recommended Purchase-By and Ship-By Dates

It’s important to have a delivery experience that’s timely, transparent, and tactical during peak season. Let your customers know when to purchase from your site by and when you should ship out orders to arrive in time for the December holidays.

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