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Tackle your most challenging customs and compliance questions with business solutions built for global trade.

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Have you wondered what the true impact of the trade war has been on your supply chain? Have you ever considered setting up a duty drawback program, a free trade agreement, doing first sale or country of origin analysis, but are unsure where to begin?

Trusted Expertise

Flexport Trade Advisory offers trusted expertise and a data-driven approach to help you assess what strategies are available to your business to save you cost, minimize duty spend, and bolster your compliance program. Count on our team of trade experts to help you minimize confusion and find the business opportunity in your supply chain.

  • More clarity, less confusion

    When you work with Flexport Trade Advisory, you work with a team of experts to answer your most challenging questions, every step of the way.

  • More insights on your business

    We use Flexport’s unique technology to examine your customs and product data at the SKU-level, revealing opportunities not visible with traditional analysis approaches.

  • More supply chain resilience

    Changing times call for stronger, more agile supply chains. We’ll help you protect your business against future storms by leaving you with best practices and a stronger understanding of customs and compliance