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Push Out Inventory and Logistics Costs with Flexport Capital

We push out your supplier payments and logistics costs to better line them up with revenues, which frees up cash so you can invest in growth.


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What we offer

Inventory Finance

Finance your inventory purchases. We pay your supplier on your behalf, and you pay us back a few months later.

Logistics Finance

Push out the due dates on your Flexport freight & duty invoices beyond your normal credit terms.

$250K - $20M

credit limits

0.75% - 1.50% of invoice value

typical per-month fees

60 - 120 days

financing terms

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are quick to make decisions and offer competitive rates. In addition, we have no hidden fees and light documentation. Ultimately, we make it easy for you to unlock growth for your business.

After a quick underwriting process, we give you a credit limit, and you can finance as many supplier invoices and logistics invoices as you’d like, up to that limit. Each time you finance an invoice, you make repayments according to the same repayment schedule. For example, you may repay each financed invoice in a single payment 90 days after we pay your supplier.

We get your financial statements and other information about your business, then evaluate the performance of the business. From there, we provide an offer that fits your inventory purchase plans and helps line up your cash flows more effectively. The whole process is generally completed in 4-8 business days.

We currently work with companies incorporated in 6 countries: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

We can pay suppliers in any country, except those that US regulatory requirements prohibit.

We send a wire to your supplier on your behalf, and we provide you with the wire confirmation once the wire is sent.


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