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Vancouver Office Opening

2019 年 11 月 19 日

A New Vancouver Office Expands Flexport’s Shipping and Customs Services into Canada


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Flexport makes shipping your cargo transparent, reliable, and affordable

Flexport is conquering new territory with the opening of its first Canadian office in Vancouver, British Columbia. The recent expansion positions Flexport to provide closer access to freight and customs services for those shipping to and from Canada.

Canada is the United States’ second largest trading partner with $617.2 billion in two-way goods trade during 2018. Flexport’s new office facilitates the flow of goods through Vancouver, Canada’s largest port, and into the rest of Canada.

“Canada is a leading importer for eastbound transpacific trade, and this is an important next step in our mission to make global trade easy for everyone,” explains Anders Schulze, Vice President and General Manager - North West for Flexport.

Enhancing Transport for Canada

The new office places Flexport in the heart of a port city vital to North American trade, especially on the Transpacific Eastbound (TPEB) lane, where Flexport achieved the rank of 7th largest freight forwarder earlier this year.

Primary initiatives for the team in Vancouver include increased customer service that builds upon relationships with Flexport’s established Canadian clients and welcoming new business to Canada’s vibrant import and export market.

Through Flexport’s digital platform, clients wishing to ship to Canada can schedule and confirm pickups and deliveries, perform real-time shipment tracking at the SKU level, determine landed cost per unit, and quickly reconcile quotes and invoices—whether forwarding goods to Canada’s remote or developing hubs.

Canadian Customs Compliance

With Flexport’s licensed customs pros now in Vancouver, Canadian companies and businesses trading with Canada benefit from more immediate customs expertise and services.

Flexport’s platform streamlines trade transaction documentation for all clients around the world. At the same time, a dedicated squad in Vancouver assists clients with product classification codes and other Canadian compliance matters, keeping the supply chain process on track.

Logistics Leaders

Accelerating global logistics into new regions takes talent, one of the main reasons Flexport is so excited to be in Vancouver.

“Vancouver’s rich logistics history combined with its strong talent make it the ideal location for our first Canada office,” says Schulze.

Along with leadership from Anders Schulze, GM Northwest, and Kevin McCormick, Vancouver Office Head, the new office is home to 10 trade experts, including four accredited and two licensed customs professionals.

For businesses seeking more robust customs insights in Canada, reach out for a complimentary consultation.

¹Source: https://ustr.gov/countries-regions/americas/canada

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