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通过 Flexport 飞协博专家精心设计的视频课程系列学习宝贵的知识。

FlexU 课程


4 Lessons (11 MIN)

NEW! Dangerous Goods 101

Ensure safe shipping with an overview of when and how to declare dangerous goods. Start now to take command of compliance.

4 节课程

空运 101 课程


4 Lessons (8 MIN)

Bills of Lading 101

Bills of Lading are one of the most crucial shipping documents used in global trade. Learn about their history and function in the supply chain industry.

3 Lessons (7 MIN)

Cargo Insurance

Learn how cargo insurance can offset loss that general policies can’t. Know the risks, so you can fit policies to your supply chain.

4 Lessons (7 MIN)

Classification 101

Decode the details of classification. Learn what all those digits mean and why they matter for your supply chain.

4 Lessons (8 MIN)

Customs 101

Learn the purpose of customs agencies, how they differ internationally, and where customs regulations fit into the shipment lifecycle.

3 Lessons (6 MIN)

Demand Planning 101

Learn how inventory forecasting can help you balance the cost of maintaining inventory and potentially running out of product.

3 Lessons (5 MIN)

Freight Forwarding 101

Learn the basics of freight forwarding, how it fits into global trade, and why companies choose freight forwarders over handling the logistics themselves.

3 Lessons (7 MIN)

Global Trade Factors 101

Learn the key factors that impact global trade including policy, technology, macroeconomics, and more.

FlexU eGuides

New to logistics? Use our eGuides to learn the step-by-step processes for getting your freight from its origin warehouse to its final destination safe and sound.

Up-Level Your Supply Chain Expertise

Whether you're new to the industry or expanding on existing knowledge, FlexU will get you up to speed on global trade and better equip you for supply chain management.

Available When You Need It

We know freight never sleeps, and finding time in your schedule can be challenging. With FlexU, you are able to access training content on-demand, anytime, anywhere.

Curated by Trusted Industry Experts

With each FlexU course carefully curated by Flexport’s very own industry experts, you can educate yourself about the world of global trade with confidence.



Why Use a Freight Forwarder?

Learn why partnering with a freight forwarder to move your cargo will save your business time, money, and energy to delight your customers.


Where's My Stuff?

“Where is my container?” can mean something different depending on who’s asking. In this lesson you’ll discover the varying factors of tracking a shipment.


Larger Transportation World

Similar to how Goldilocks likes her oatmeal just right, there are some shipments that are simply too big or too small for freight forwarders to move. Nonetheless, learn how forwarders still capture 99%+ of the freight market.

4 min



3 min




Where Does Customs Fit in the Shipment Journey?

Learn why a good export makes for a good import and successful customs clearance.