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Demand Planning 101 (6 MIN)

Introduction to Demand Planning

Learn how inventory forecasting can help you balance the cost of maintaining inventory and potentially running out of product.

Your Key Takeaways

How you can use demand planning to adapt and respond quickly to supply and demand shocks.

How to use and improve inventory forecasting in order to optimize your demand planning.

The importance of demand planning in preventing stock-outs, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing overall costs.


Expand your knowledge. Explore related topics to enhance your knowledge and skills.

3 Lessons (5 MIN)

Freight Forwarding 101

Learn the basics of freight forwarding, how it fits into global trade, and why companies choose freight forwarders over handling the logistics themselves.

4 节课程

空运 101 课程


3 Lessons (5 MIN)

Shipment Visibility 101

Learn where shipment visibility data is sourced and how understanding your cargo’s location can help your business make informed decisions.