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Freight Forwarding 101 Image

Freight Forwarding 101 (5 MIN)

Introduction to Freight Forwarding

There are many moving parts in global logistics and freight forwarders, like Flexport, are here to help piece them together. Learn what it means to be the ultimate liaison in the supply chain industry.

Your Key Takeaways

What the role of a freight forwarder is in the grand scheme of global trade—from organizing shipping documents to coordinating transloads with truckers.

How freight forwarders differ from everyday parcel couriers that deliver packages straight to your door.

Why shippers and consignees choose to move their cargo with freight forwarders, rather than trying to handle these logistics themselves.



3 Lessons (5 MIN)

Shipment Visibility 101

Learn where shipment visibility data is sourced and how understanding your cargo’s location can help your business make informed decisions.

4 Lessons (8 MIN)

Customs 101

Learn the purpose of customs agencies, how they differ internationally, and where customs regulations fit into the shipment lifecycle.

4 节课程