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Trade Lane Management 101 (7 MIN)

Introduction to Trade Lane Management

Learn how freight forwarders, like Flexport, leverage trade lane management to optimize their shipping contracts and procurement strategies with ocean carriers.

Your Key Takeaways

Learn how to manage strategic relationships and initiatives with ocean carrier partners, globally and locally.

Learn the advantages of ocean carrier alliances and fixed port rotations in building a more reliable supply chain.

Learn how ocean carriers use cargo weight to balance freight costs when it comes to imports vs. exports.

Go Further

Expand your knowledge. Explore related topics to enhance your knowledge and skills.

4 Lessons (8 MIN)

Bills of Lading 101

Bills of Lading are one of the most crucial shipping documents used in global trade. Learn about their history and function in the supply chain industry.

3 Lessons (5 MIN)

Freight Forwarding 101

Learn the basics of freight forwarding, how it fits into global trade, and why companies choose freight forwarders over handling the logistics themselves.

5 节课程

海运 101 课程