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Access to Visibility and Real-Time Data Through The Whole Journey for Your Supply Chain

Track your vessel and shipping container with the modern freight forwarder in the US. Our experienced operations will provide the right solutions for your supply chain, including FCL, LCL, customs, etc.

Raise Your Game in Ocean Freight

With Flexport’s platform, your vessel tracking process will become transparent, reliable, and affordable.

Real-Time Visibility

Our network of tracked vessels and data will help you gain better visibility.

One-Stop Shop to Track Your Ocean Shipments

With our cloud-based platform, you can manage vessels across ocean alliances.

Streamline Your Supply Chain

Track your vessels in different trade lanes with a modern freight forwarder.

Vessel Tracking All in One Place

Data and security are at the heart of Flexport’s platform. Track and manage your vessels with us will raise your game in global trade.

Data-driven Visibility and Process Efficiency

With Flexport, GP Cellulose realized its vision as a supplier of its customers: easier communication, more accurate data, and faster shipping process to 1,000+ unique delivery locations globally.

Simplify Your Supply Chain

Streamline with Flexport technology and agents to help you manage your freight.


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