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Amazon FBA 2018 Storage Policy Changes

Amazon FBA is raising the cost of monthly and long-term storage for Amazon sellers storing inventory at Amazon fulfillment centers in 2018.


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Amazon is raising the cost of storing inventory at Amazon FBA warehouses, beginning with an increase in monthly storage fees on April 1, 2018.

Changes taking place April 1, 2018:

Monthly inventory storage fees will be increased by $0.05 per cubic foot. The increases will be applied to April’s inventory, and reflected in May.

Changes taking place August 15, 2018:

A minimum of $0.50 per unit per month will be charged for items in FBA warehouses for 365 days or more. This minimum long-term storage fee or the regular long-term storage fee will be charged, whichever is greater.

Changes taking place September 15, 2018:

Long-term storage fees will be adjusted, and will be assessed on a monthly basis instead of a semi-annual basis.

Storage limits still apply to inventory kept in Amazon fulfillment centers. Storage limits of Amazon sellers with a professional seller account will be determined by their Inventory Performance Index.

How can I adjust my business?

If you have unsold inventory, review your pricing and repricing strategies. Consider running promotions on items, like a "buy one, get one free" promotion to sell off extra inventory and generate positive reviews from customers. You can also always request a removal from Amazon if necessary.

Familiarize yourself with the tools Amazon provides to effectively maintain inventory: Amazon recommends what products need to be re-stocked, and when and how to sell excessive inventory without affecting your ROI (return on investment).

See Shipping to Amazon FBA for more information about shipping to Amazon fulfillment centers with Flexport.

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