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Choose The Right Forwarder for Your Air Freight

When considering track and trace air cargo, choose a reliable forwarder that embraces data, and makes it easy for you to understand and digitally access key information anytime. This will help you reduce costs, make informed decisions, and play the long game.

Raise Your Game in Air Freight

Flexport delivers best-in-class experience in track and trace cargo with end-to-end visibility on a data-driven platform.

Ship Your Air Freight With Speed

It takes as few as 36 hours for air freight to ship from origin to destination.

Reliable Air Freight

With more flexibility and precise ETAs, air freight can simplify your process.

Track and Trace Cargo Made Easy

A data-driven forwarder helps you unlock real-time views of your supply chain.

Track and Trace Your Cargo All in One Place

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets, emails, and headaches and say hello to your team’s new single source of truth. Shipment tracking at the SKU level. Landed costs. Insights. Analytics. Accurate answers for everyone on the Flexport platform.

Cargo Tracking With an Air-Powered Supply Chain

With Flexport Airfreight, Molekule found a reliable, fast shipping solution with a global, consultative account team that enabled it to fulfill customer purchases and maintain sales momentum.

Simplify Your Supply Chain

Streamline with Flexport technology and agents to help you manage your freight.


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