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Ocean vs. Air Freight: Which is right for you?

Air Cargo

Meet the Digital Freight Forwarder Specialised in Air Freight

Experts in Daily and Weekly Air Freight Shipments

Say hello to transparency and reliable rates. We know that delivering your air cargo on time is critical. Our combination of technology, infrastructure and expertise allows us to deliver faster transit times and better service - for your airfreight and your ocean freight that needs a last-minute shift to air to overcome bottlenecks.

How Molekule Filters out Inefficiency with Flexport Airfreight Illustration

"I can’t say enough positive things about Flexport’s Air Service and what having it in our back pocket, at times when we need a quick uplift for a competitive price, has meant for our business."

Brad Audiss

Inventory Planner at Molekule

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Why Choose Flexport Air Freight

Flexport delivers a best-in-class experience in airfreight, offering customers reliable service and customised supply chain solutions through daily uplift schedules from Asia to Europe and the US. We know that every supply chain is unique, therefore we offer different air services to suit your situation.

Platform preview

Visibility and Control

Our online platform brings together your team, your suppliers, and our experts to keep everyone on the same page. Your dashboard shows you the insights you care about and the exceptions you need to manage to keep your supply chain on track. Find what you’re looking for on the Flexport platform.

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We Are Your Logistics Team

With Flexport, you gain a driven and accountable partner committed to improving your business. Flexport delivers 24/7/365 human support, in which customers can interact with a core team of operations professionals. We’re here to empower you with supply chain transparency, efficiency, and agility to grow your bottom line.

Air Freight Goes Digital. Reliability Takes Off.

When speed is critical, Flexport takes you from order to uplift in no time. Track goods in transit and collaborate in context, all from the Flexport Platform. Free your supply chain from outdated turbulence.


与供应链解决方案专家交流,查看 Flexport 飞协博平台演示。