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Ocean Freight

Global Logistics Made Easy

Simplify Your Supply Chain With Flexport

Flexport’s digital platform provides huge advantages on cost and time savings, with which you are able to unlock real time data and security to consolidate your position in global logistics.

Global Trade and Logistics

As a data-centric tech company, Flexport is designed to be the most trusted company in global logistics.

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    The Power of Data in Global Logistics

    Data as part of freight forwarding process unlock strategic business decisions.

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    The Need for Security in Global Logistics

    We manage cybersecurity to ensure the trust and safety of our data and systems.

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    Visibility in Global Logistics

    Gaining visibility will help assess the financial health of your supply chain.

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Track Your Ocean Cargo All in One Place

Data and security are at the heart of Flexport’s platform. Track and manage your cargo with us to raise your game in global logistics.

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Data-driven Visibility and Process Efficiency

With Flexport, Georgia Pacific realized its vision as a supplier of its customers: easier communication, more accurate data, and faster shipping process to 1,000+ unique delivery locations globally.

Simplify Your Supply Chain

Streamline with Flexport technology and agents to help you manage your freight.