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Digital Freight Forwarder

Shipping from Indonesia to the USA and Beyond

Shipping freight from or to Indonesia? Use the international freight forwarder with the world-class technology and local footprint to make Indonesia a more valuable part of your supply chain.

Indonesia major ports
Indonesia major ports
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Indonesia Shipping Keys to Success

Insist on full visibility from origin to destination for all shipments. Proactively manage suppliers with automated order management, while closing any gaps with logistics partners. Flexport’s platform for global logistics puts it all within reach.

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See What's Possible on the Flexport Platform

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Approach Indonesia With Insight

Navigate 17,000 Islands

With 17,000 islands in Indonesia, logistics can get very complex fast. But Flexport's technology and local expertise can help you thread the needle in this archipelago.

Avoid Expensive Domestic Transport

The price of domestic inter-island transport can be more than shipping to Singapore or Malaysia, where much Indonesian cargo exits. Flexport can help you stick to cost-effective options.

Skip Offline and Unplugged

Analog is still the norm in much of Indonesia, resulting in low levels of visbility and control. Flexport digitizes core freight operations to give you always-on visiblity where others can't.

Grow Your Indonesia Trade Strategy

From bulk goods to manufactured items, Indonesia is a growing force in global trade. Flexport's technology and local footprint make it easy to plug Indonesia into your supply chain.

Indonesia top export partners
Indonesia top export partners
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Dedicated Customer Service, Backed by Data

Always-on access to a dedicated service team that sees the data you see: real-time tracking, exception alerts, inventory insights. So every conversation is in context. And every interaction is more productive.

Extra Advantage in Every Mode

Ocean Freight

When shipping to or from Indonesia, Flexport’s Ocean services offer more visibility, reliability, and savings potential.

Air Freight

Get Indonesia-tailored solutions—backed by data and led by experts—to optimize your air strategy and increase ROI.

Ground Transportation

Gain transparency and peace of mind with our integrated tracking tools and our vetted transport partners.

Global Trade

Use the customs brokerage and trade advisory powered by experts in using data to unlock cost savings and strategic advantage.