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Booking Management

Your Ocean Freight, Your Way: Smarter Allocations, Bookings, and Contracts

Full visibility meets full control. Flexport’s upgraded Booking Management tool reimagines your ocean freight workflows from end to end—with you at the helm. Manage your entire network of ocean contracts and bookings, track real-time performance data and key milestones, and optimize your allocation strategy—all on a single, easy-to-use platform.

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How It Works

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Suppliers place bookings on the Flexport booking app.

Leave the heavy lifting to us. In line with your allocation strategy, Flexport manages your carrier-direct and NVO contracts, books shipments on your behalf, and provides a top-to-bottom look at contract allocation and carrier booking performance.

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Flexport manages communication between you, suppliers, and carriers.

We act as a central control tower for communication, keeping everyone in the loop. Along the way, we help you strengthen your carrier relationships by regularly evaluating volume attainment against carrier Minimum Quantity Commitments (MQCs).

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Analyze real-time performance, forecast future shipping volumes, and automate reporting—without ever leaving your Allocation Management dashboard.

Make the most of your data, right from the get-go. Analyze and download contract-level insights and historical contract usage, project future shipping volumes, and automatically generate reports across your entire ocean network. Meanwhile, view shipment highlights and track key milestones—all on a single platform.

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Take Control of Ocean Freight Bookings, Allocations, and Contracts with Flexport's Upgraded Booking Management Service

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