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SellerActive dashboard

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Easily manage your products on multiple eCommerce channels and let the software handle repricing through automation

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What is SellerActive?

SellerActive offers online sellers an efficient one-stop-shop for all their multi-channel management needs. Maximize sale opportunities on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

  • User-friendly software allows for easy product uploads.
  • Bulk marketplace listing and editing capabilities save much needed hours of your time.
  • Sync inventory across all channels and receive updates when a product runs low so you never miss a selling opportunity.
  • Industry-leading customer support that always ensures you have someone in your corner.
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Intuitive Product and Listing workflows

SellerActive’s Products and Listings Workspaces are designed to simplify and optimize the workflows involved in managing your product catalog, and to sync listings and offers with marketplaces faster and easier than other tools available.