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请注意: Flexport目前尚未在亚太地区提供这项美国海关退税服务

Control Tariff Costs With Duty Drawback

Duty drawback is a robust, but very underused tariff mitigation tool. Did you import goods that were then exported or destroyed? Flexport can navigate the complexities of having your import duties refunded.

Turnkey from A to Z

From feasibility, to application, to data gathering, to filing, customs correspondence, and recovery, we take the weight of a complex process off your hands while keeping every step transparent.

Technology for Compliance and Speed

Technology can help you get the maximum allowable refund faster. Think smart electronic claim preparation backed by intelligent data capture with stored claim details ready for easy reference.

Expertly Tailored for You

Our team finds the best drawback type(s) for you then manages the application process — from data aggregation to matching and filing — with complete documentation and financial audit trail.

Claim What Goes Unclaimed

Each year, $3 billion in drawback goes unclaimed. To help you recover the allowable maximum, we use our customs capabilities, advanced data and analytics, and logistics infrastructure to make your refund process accurate, repeatable, and tailored to your business.

Clarity at Every Step

Overcome complexity with a customized drawback program. We provide consistent and timely communication so you stay informed and engaged through every step in the process.

Agile Duty Drawback Maximizes Refunds

We monitor relevant sources daily while connecting with Customs to stay ahead of developments and stand up for our clients. We dive deeper into your business strategy, identify supply chain optimizations, and support acquisitions, divestitures, or sourcing changes. Let’s dig into the data.


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