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Growing our warehousing services in Shenzhen

2018 年 6 月 12 日

Growing our warehousing services in Shenzhen



Flexport makes shipping your cargo transparent, reliable, and affordable

With the opening of Flexport’s new Shenzhen LCL warehouse today, we are honored to continue expanding our services for clients with operations in China. Our new facility is born from a desire to give greater control over warehousing to clients, and creating better visibility for them as their goods await consolidation and shipping.

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“The transpacific lane is our largest as an organization,” said Mariken Kruijff, Global Head of Warehousing. “And Shenzhen is one of the largest ports. This kind of Export Supervised Warehouse (ESW) will empower Flexport to provide more value to clients with greater predictability and visibility into their supply chains, end to end.”

Building upon the growing network of Flexport warehouses in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, the Shenzhen facility was chosen and developed with care.

“We spent four-to-six weeks scouting the right facility,” said Chandrakant Kanoria, Regional Head of Warehousing for Asia. “We developed some very valuable partnerships in the Yantian area that are hugely supportive to us as we enter this market. The new Warehouse comes with the latest in technology features – it’s fully wifi controlled, CTPAT compliant, and monitored 24/7. You can even watch the feeds on your phone.”

The 45,000 sq. ft. warehouse will service all of Flexport’s LCL clients – and almost all of our buyer’s consol customers are in the Shenzhen area. 

“We will use iPads to create cargo receipts,” said Kanoria. “Photographs of the pallets, their weight, and any discrepancies with the supplier booking form are immediately uploaded to our Core platform so clients can see exactly what has arrived.”

“This kind of transparency provides an end-to-end suite of services for clients,” said Kruijff. “And our strategy is to continue to build our network of warehouses in 2018 – including new facilities in Shanghai, Ningbo, and potentially another one in Shenzhen later this year.”

“Standardizing our warehouses will give us the ability to improve efficiency and increase overall shipment growth,” said Kanoria. “And our staff here in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, people like Dang Peng, deserve a lot of credit for making this all happen. It’s a very exciting time.”

Dang Peng, Trucking and Warehouse Manager of Greater China said, “Flexport listens to the customers demands and reacts fast to the market. Instead of having to go through layers of company procedures, we are able to make the right decision at the right time, and make the most out of it.”

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