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Fuel Surcharge (FSC)

Trucking companies charge a fuel surcharge fee in order to protect themselves from the volatility of fuel prices.

Fuel Surcharge (FSC)

What is a fuel surcharge?

A fuel surcharge (FSC) is a fee assessed by a carrier to account for regional / seasonal variations in fuel costs. A fuel surcharge is most often seen in trucking, but an ocean or air carrier may also assess a fuel surcharge. 

A fuel surcharge helps protect the carrier from the volatility of fuel prices.

How will I be billed for a fuel surcharge?

If applicable, a fuel surcharge will appear on your Flexport quote or invoice as a destination charge. The fuel surcharge may be included within the Pickup & Delivery rate, or it may be listed as a separate line item.  

A trucking fuel surcharge is typically charged as a percentage of the base trucking cost.

An air fuel surcharge is typically charged based on chargeable weight.

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