Rolled Cargo

Rolled cargo is cargo that could not be loaded onto the vessel it was scheduled to sail on because that vessel ran out of capacity. See below for information on what happens to your rolled cargo and how you can lessen the chances of your cargo being rolled.


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What is rolled cargo?

Rolled cargo is cargo that could not be loaded onto the vessel it was scheduled to sail on, because that vessel ran out of capacity. Vessels run out of capacity because carriers overbook spots on vessels, similar to how passenger airlines overbook seats.

What happens to my rolled cargo?

The carrier will likely roll the cargo onto the next available vessel, but it is subject to be rolled again. Your Flexport team will keep you updated on the status of your cargo in the app and will adjust your shipment schedule as necessary.

How can I prevent my cargo from being rolled?

You can’t prevent your cargo being rolled, but you can lessen the chance of it happening by requesting quotes and booking shipments at least two weeks in advance of the cargo ready date. Cargo is most likely to be rolled when space on vessels is tight. Space is especially tight during peak season and during the weeks leading up to Golden Week and Chinese New Year, and you can keep track of vessel capacity the rest of the year with Flexport’s weekly market updates. Overweight containers are also often the first to be rolled.

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