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Expert Series

Welcome to the Flexport Expert Series

Welcome to the Flexport Expert Series. Hear from our supply chain experts on their take on news, economic forecasts, and more in the logistics industry.

Industry Voices

Intel you can only get from Flexport experts


From Dirt to Shirt: How to Build a Traceable Supply Chain

Tom Gould, VP of Global Customs


New Trade Act Could Trigger Supply Chain Changes

Tom Gould, VP of Global Customs


A Jump in Customs Enforcement Shows Data Can Create or Limit Risk

Tom Gould, VP of Global Customs

Economic Outlook

Global trade numbers, reports, and predictions

Economic Insights

IMF World Economic Outlook Revises Growth Forecasts

Week of August 2, 2021

Economic Insights

Inflation Risk: US CPI Chart Shows a Leap. Is It Overblown?

Week of July 19, 2021

Economic Insights

A Quick Analysis of Optimism in the US Bond Market

Week of July 12, 2021

Latest Articles

Supply chain wisdom for a changing world


What You Can Do During FMC Detention and Demurrage Audits

Global Trade

A Field Guide to Southeast Asia Supply Chain Options

Economic Insights

New Post-Covid Indicator Values Predict Summer Goods Demand


在库存耗光前进行补货:较小运量的货运可带来关键的 SKU


Bring in the Dogs: New 100% Air Cargo Screening Rules Take Effect

Global Trade

Data Shows How Trade Policy Has Changed Across Global Crises

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