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Quotes, Pricing, and Billing

Frequently asked questions about quoting, pricing, and invoicing: how different freight modes are priced, what those line items on your quote refer to, and how the market affects your freight rates.


Common Line Items on Flexport Quotes and Invoices

Learn more about common line items on Flexport quotes and invoices.


Emergency Bunker Surcharge (EBS): What You Need to Know

Learn more about why fuel prices are increasing, and how long you can expect an EBS to be in effect.


How Can I Pay My Customs Duties via ACH?

How to pay your customs duties directly to U.S. Customs via ACH.


How Does Flexport Incorporate GRI and PSS?

When freight forwarders provide your quote, the rate is often subject to GRI (General Rate Increase) and PSS (Peak Season Surcharge). Learn more about these charges here.


Trucking Fees for FCL Deliveries

If you are shipping FCL, your cargo may be subject to trucking wait fees or drop fees.


What Costs Are Not Included in My Quote?

Flexport only provides quotes with known costs, so the additional costs a shipment might incur won't be included in the quote.


What If the Actual Cargo Measurements are Different From What I Entered in the Quote Request?

The carrier measures your cargo before it ships and the measurements may differ from the measurements you inputted in the quote request. See below for why the measurements might be different, and how it affects your final invoice.


Why Does My Shipment Need to Be Re-quoted?

All freight quotes have a validity date attached to them, and if that date passes before your shipment has gated-in at the port, then your shipment will need to be re-quoted. A re-quote could be lower or higher than the previous quote.


Why Is My Invoice Higher than My Quote?

Your Flexport invoice may be higher than the quote because unknown charges are not built into the quote, or because shipment measurements changed.



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